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Your junior olympic training Center


Mr. Spot & Reggie
Esprit, Spottze & Darlin'

What's with all the Dalmatian stuff?

         Mr. Speer got his nickname Mr. Spot when he was coaching at a gymnastics club. The girls used to ask, "Mr. Speer will you spot me?" One day a girl accidentally said, "Mr. Spot will you spear me?" The name stuck and snowballed into an obsession with Dalmatians. The Speer's own three real Dalmatians, Darlin' is a Miniature Dalmatian, and Spottze & Esprit are Toy Dalmatians.



We are a family run business, and our members ARE our family too, from Preschool through Team!
We are a USA Gymnastics Junior Olympic Training Center, and we offer both Recreational classes, as

             well as an Internationally known team program.
Our senior coaches are all Safety Certified, a professional USAG member and have cleared a Federal                          background check.

Our junior coaches are (or are in the process) of becoming Safety Certified and a JR USAG member.