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Gymnastics Classes - Girls Ages 5+

Class Descriptions:

This level is intended for girls who are new to gymnastics and want to get familiar with the four events in Women's Artistic Gymnastics (Vault, Bars, Beam, and Floor), and learn the basic foundational gymnastics skills. They also work on flexibility and strength. Examples of skills gymnasts would learn how to do in the Beginner class include cartwheels, bridges, and forward and backwards rolls on the floor, hurdles and straight jumps on vault, strengthening exercises on bars to prepare for their pullover, and different walking, kicking, and hopping skills on the balance beam.

This class is for girls who have mastered the skills from the Beginner class and are comfortable with each of the gymnastics apparatuses. At the Intermediate level the gymnasts work to improve their form and technique while learning more advanced skills. Examples of skills Intermediate students work on include round offs, handstands (to forward roll, flat back, or step down), pull-overs and casts on bars, and handstand dismounts off of beam. Their flexibility and strength continues to improve.


Girls in the Advanced class have demonstrated not only the ability to safely perform basic gymnastics skills, but also good form and technique. They have, or are near to having, their pull-over on bars, and start learning back hip circles and mill circles on that apparatus. On vault they begin to work on the “handstand-flat back” vault with a spotter, and they begin to practice handstands on the beam as well as leaps and jumps. On floor they practice skills such as a handstand to bridge and kick overs, and begin exercises to prepare them for back handsprings. Successful students in the Advanced class have developed strength in their arms, abs, and legs, and their splits and straddles come near to the floor.
Students aged 5-10 who have mastered the skills of the Advanced class may be invited to join the Spirit Gymnastics Team as Level 1s. They can also choose to remain in the Advanced Class to continue learning gymnastics recreationally.

10 and Up:

This class is open to girls at any level of gymnastics who are 10 years of age or over. As such, different girls in the 10+ class may be working on different levels of skill during the same class; stations where girls learn skills for this class are set up to be easily modified to fit various abilities. A 10 and Up class may have some girls working on their cartwheels while others perfect their round off-back handspring combination, though we try to group gymnasts with other girls of similar skill levels where schedules permit.
Girls in the 10+ class who are motivated improve and take part in competitive gymnastics often enter the Spirit Gymnastics Team through the  Level 3 or the Xcel Silver program.

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