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Our preschool classes take place in our special “small gym” set up especially for
the youngest members of the Spirit family. Large picture windows along the side
of the small gym allow parents to watch their children from close up during these

Spirit's preschool classes use games, songs, and obstacle courses to teach
children ages 3-5 basic gymnastics skills as well as to help them to develop
strength, flexibility, and coordination-- all in a fun and supportive environment.
Besides gymnastics and physical fitness, they also learn valuable skills such as
following directions and safety rules, waiting their turn, working cooperatively with other children, and more!

The Spirit Gymnastics Preschool Program is currently working to incorporate Kindergarten Readiness skills into all of its Preschool Classes.

Spirit Gymnastics currently offers two levels of Preschool classes: Preschool 3-4 and Preschool 4-5.
All Preschool Classes are 45 minutes long and meet once per week.

Class Descriptions:

Preschool 3-4:
In the 3-4 class children learn to follow directions and wait their turn as they learn basic skills like different types of body shapes and movement, forward and backwards rolls, supporting themselves on the bars, and walks, kicks, and hops on the beam. In each class, they receive spotting on different gymnastics stations, using equipment specially designed for young children, until they learn use the station independently-- with plenty of mats and safety precautions, of course! Once they've mastered several different types of stations, they begin to walk from station to station, receiving help on only a few of them, and waiting their turn if another child is still using the next station.

Preschool 4-5:
The 4-5 class is for children who can follow simple directions, take turns, and work cooperatively with other children. Playing more complex games and engaging in a wider range of activities and stations, children continue to expand the gymnastics skills and physical abilities from the 3-4 class, and begin learning such skills as hurdling onto a springboard for vault, handstands, pullovers on the bar, and cartwheels!

Preschool Program